The founders of SubC3D have 20+ years of experience developing the best methods for extremely accurate underwater surveying and are pioneers in the field.

Their new system, SubC Eyes, will face the many challenges related to the lacking overview of biomass in fish production. It performs measurements in a fraction of a second and multiple recordings are put together to cover larger areas. Each recording is area-wide and consists of millions of 3D dots with accuracy down to the millimeter, and will give a full overview of what is happening in the fish cages. The volume of the fish can be calculated. The weight-gain of the fish species can be optimised. Damage to fish can be registered, so that the fish farmer can initiate necessary measures to ensure fish welfare. The system will be able to stop feeding when it detects that the fish is not eating, and it can also be used for inspection and measurements on cages, boats, anchors and other installations.

SubC3D provides a unique competence in underwater meteorology. SubC3D provides a necessary piece of the puzzle to make use of untapped potential in the many challenges related to the lacking overview of biomass, to ensure a more predictable and sustainable food production.

– Valinor