ViewPoint SEAFARM develops an offshore fish farm based on the repurpose of existing offshore technology from the oil and gas industry in the demanding North Sea.

Viewpoint SEAFARM develops offshore fish farms by reusing drilling platforms, which is well suited for aquaculture purposes as it has a large capacity for living facilities, control rooms, large crane capacity, helicopter space and the possibility of a research station. In the North Sea, there are around a hundred drilling platforms to be scrapped or nearing the end of their lifetimes. A drilling platform planned for scrap can be recycled with a utilization rate of up to 60% and will be a hybrid station, as it is mainly powered by a wind turbine when finalized. The pens will be developed with demanding and rough seas in mind, and the nets are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. The station will also include a sea lice treatment center. It is currently pool-tested to function at Hs 11, while estimated to Hs 15 in lowered position.

ViewPoint makes use of untapped potential as their technology enables fish farming in new areas. Hs 8-11 opens new areas for Norwegian fish farms, and their innovative solution functions well at Hs 11+. This will ensure a more predictable and sustainable food production.

– Valinor