ViewPoint Spidercage develops an offshore fish farm based on the repurpose of existing offshore technology from the oil and gas industry in the demanding North Sea.

Viewpoint Spidercage is granted four development permits for fish farming by the Directorate of fisheries. Each of the four permits has a maximum limit of 780 tonnes of biomass. The fish farm applies heave compensation technology currently used as best practices on drilling installations, cranes, and gangways in the North Sea. The technical solution utilizes a floating external construction to withstand the rough seas, with an internal pen that applies the heave compensation while anchored to the seabed. ViewPoint Spidercage allows for remote operation from a center that can operate several units simultaneously. The concept is a complete facility that provides the basis for efficient production and increased fish welfare and is pool-tested and verified to function well at Hs 11.

ViewPoint Spidercage makes use of untapped potential as their technology enables fish farming in new areas. Hs 8-11 opens new areas for Norwegian fish farms, and their innovative solutions functions well at Hs 11+. This will ensure a more predictable and sustainable food production.

– Valinor