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Heimdall Power: expands the collaboration with Tensio on critical high voltage lines

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: October 27, 2022

Heimdall Power are happy to announce a contract expansion with the Norwegian TSO Tensio TN, for 18 additional Neurons, which will monitor the true capacity of several critical lines in their high voltage grid.

The expansion includes multiple lines with both 22 kV and 66 kV which have different challenges. This will provide Tensio with insights into the actual available capacity of important backup lines that will be heavily loaded in case of an outage. Hence, the solution of Heimdall Power will enable a more secure and resilient operation of Tensio’s grid.

We are satisfied with the expansion of the collaboration with Heimdall Power, says Erling Tønne, Senior Engineer for Grid Development at Tensio. We have a clear strategy on digitizing our grid, both to get more control and utilize its actual capacity in a better way. We have already been working well together with Heimdall Power for a few years, so stepping it up in this way feels like a natural move, concludes Tønne.