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Norsk Solar: changes company name to Norsk Renewables

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: November 17, 2023

  • Company: Norsk Renewables develops and invests in renewable energy in emerging markets.

Norsk Solar will no longer be a traditional provider of solar energy; instead, they will become a technologically neutral and independent producer of renewable energy. This milestone in the company’s development is marked by changing the company name to Norwegian Renewables.

“We are taking a big step forward by including various forms of renewable energy in our portfolio, says Torbjørn Elliot Kirkeby-Garstad, CEO of Norwegian Renewables. This is necessary to realize our vision of covering up to 100% of customers’ energy needs.

Norsk Renewables will increase its focus on scale, either through standalone larger projects or through a portfolio approach to smaller projects. Vietnam, Brazil, and South Africa remain core areas in our expansion efforts,” concludes Kirkeby-Garstad.