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Norsk Vind: First kilowatt-hour delivered from Egersund windfarm

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: September 10, 2017

  • Company: Norsk Vind is Norway's largest private wind power company, that contributes to the electrification of industry, household, and transport.

Friday 8/11/2017, the project delivered its first kilowatt hour to the grid. One month later the very last component was lifted into place on the last turbine. With that, all 33 turbines have been assembled‍‍‍ and the cranes may be disassembled and removed.


The work going on now is primarily inside the turbines, and every week you will see more and more turbines rotating as they start their test periods. In addition to the work related to getting the turbines ready for commissioning, work is going on with the revegetation and reclaiming of the terrain along roads and staging areas. 


The summer has been more windy than expected, and that has meant that the assembly of the turbines has taken somewhat longer. This means that progress is a little behind schedule, but we both hope and believe that we will be operative in good time before Christmas, said Per Ove Skorpen, CEO at Norsk Vind.