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Aquabio is a supplier of SeapiX, a 3D Multibeam Sonar from IXblue, and a developer of the same hardware for new applications in the fishing industry, and the fish farming industry as a groundbreaking real-time production- and planning tool.

SeapiX is the world’s first civilian “mills cross” sonar for established fishing, purse seine, pelagic- and bottom trawling. SeapiX gather detailed information with range of up to 450 meters which provide a unique 3D image that classifies different species in color codes, report purity in shoals and the hardness in seabed conditions. Aquabio is also developing the SeapiX for new applications such as mesopelagic fishing, krill and copepods, as well as snow- and king crabs. Depending on the fisherman’s needs, the combination of one, two or three sensors will expand the coverage area up to 360 degrees, for a full overview of the entire boat in 3D. In addition, Aquabio develops a new product based on the SeapiX technology to deliver a world-leading real-time production- and planning tool to the fish farming industry. One sonar will create a comprehensive real-time 3D image of all the fish, pens, net and anchoring. Classification and color coding of all species, biomass, weight distribution and counting of fish with up to 99% accuracy will enable behavioral monitoring of individual fish, groupings, and the entire population. The system will be able to count feed pellets that end up outside the cage and stop feeding at the right time when the system registers that the fish is not eating.

 Aquabio has a unique expertise in sonar technology and delivers groundbreaking technology that assists fishermen with a correct and efficient catch. The company is exploring new applications for the technology, as well as developing its own product adapted to the fish farming industry. Aquabio offers unique solutions for user-friendly 3D overview and biomass tracking, which ensures a more predictable and sustainable fishing- and aquaculture industry.

 – Valinor