Waive help fish farmers to look beneath the surface to uncover the actual conditions in their fish pens.

Waive combines sonar technology with a cloud-based control panel driven by complex algorithms. The result of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is a new standard of precision for the aquaculture industry. Waive has developed its own software to provide fish farmers with an intuitive, engaging, and rewarding way to access their data. This insight provides confidence in the management of their operations, adds predictability and quality to aquaculture, and elevates fish welfare, sustainability, accuracy, and profitability in practice.

Waive possesses an exceptional expertise in sonar technology and delivers groundbreaking technology that assists fish farmers and fishermen with precise data analysis. Waive provides a unique and user-friendly 3D overview and accurate tracking of biomass, ensuring a more predictable and sustainable fishing and aquaculture industry.

 – Valinor