Norsk e-Fuel is a European Consortium, headquartered in Oslo, promoting novel Power-to-Liquid (PtL) technologies in Norway and Europe.

The joint venture is composed of four partners: Sunfire GmbH, the leading Power-to-Liquid provider, Climeworks AG-the pioneer in CO2 capture technology, Paul Wurth SA / SMS-Group- a leading international EPC company and the green investment company Valinor. The first production site in Heroya Industry Park is confirmed and the engineering work is well underway. In addition to existing and crucial infrastructures, the location offers the option for an upscaling of the first plant (10 million liters) to 100 million litres output per year. To put this in perspective, the industrial scale plant will provide enough mixed e-Fuel for the top five domestic aviation routes in Norway combined: Oslo-Trondheim, Oslo-Bergen, Oslo-Stavanger, Oslo Tromso and Oslo-Bodo. This would effectively cut the current flight emissions between these cities by about 50%.

The European transport sector is still heavily reliant on fossil fuels and Power-to-Liquid projects holds broad possibilities offering the key to a deeper decarbonisation than has ever been possible before. Norsk e-Fuel is a catalyst for renewable oil-substitutes for hard-to-abate sectors such as aviation, long distance transport and chemical industry. 

– Valinor