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Aquabio: and Gerda Marie test new 4k visualization and software improvements

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: July 30, 2020

  • Company: Waive help fish farmers to look beneath the surface to uncover actual conditions in their fish pens.

The newly christened fishing boat Gerda Marie, the crew and captain Stein Magnar Melingen, were eager to start 2020 with new quotas and the unique “Mills Cross” 3D sonar SeapiX installed, from IXblue, which enables a selective, correct and efficient catch.

The possibility of SeapiX-training in the vessel was at times difficult due to the corona situation, but with the help of TeamViewer, experts were available to support with the setup and adjustments in consultation with the captain. The introduction was a positive experience and the advantages of the SeapiX technology were quickly illustrated through visualization of various fish species, such as Tobis, North Sea herring and Kolmule seen approximately 600m depths. Yes, now I am starting to see how this can be an excellent tool for the fishing industry, said Stein Magnar Melingen, Captain of Gerda Marie.

The SeapiX sonar allows for varied and alternative ways to identify and visualize the marine life, under and around the boat. This means that fishing boats equipped with SeapiX can actively avoid by-catch and focus on catch according to their quotas, to ensure correct and efficient fishing. Gerda Marie saw another fishing boat within 150 meters, and their trawler net at a depth of 450 meters. It’s a darn good sonar, Melingen concluded.