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Aquabio: SeapiX assisted Gerda Marie with two Norwegian records in sandlance catch

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: July 8, 2020

  • Company: Waive help fish farmers to look beneath the surface to uncover actual conditions in their fish pens.

With SeapiX installed on the fishing vessel Gerda Marie, Captain Stein Magnar Melingen shows the potential of the new technology with a unique resolution, which enables a precise, targeted and efficient catch, which set two Norwegian sandlance catch-records in a row.

Gerda Marie returned with 2350 tonnes and set a new Norwegian record in sandlance catch after only 14 hours of operation. The fishing boat put three perfectly targeted trawl pulls together with SeapiX, which illustrates life below the water around the boat. Fish species can be selected, density in shoals and sizes reported, and precise location in the ocean illustrated in 3D.

Just six days after her first delivery, Gerda Marie breaks her recently set Norwegian catch-record, with a new sandlance catch of 2550 tonnes. The cargo holds are fully loaded and we are in a good mood on board, said Jarle Sæle, helmsman on Gerda Marie. The catch value of close to NOK 8.9 million also set a new Norwegian record in value from a single catch of sandlance.