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Cealtech: and Jærmuseet give young talents an insight into the work of nanotechnology

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: September 20, 2021

  • Company: CealTech is Norway's leading knowledge hub for graphene, and is involved in custumer-focused R&D, production and optimisation of graphene in product development.

Jærmuseet organizes the program STEM Talent Center, which is an academic and social opportunity for students with great learning potential. The target group is students who perform, or have the potential to perform at a high academic level.

Students from middle school, junior high school and high school are gathered for the program. Students with great learning potential are just as different as all other students, but they have some common denominators, explains Jørn Hafver, science communicator at Jærmuseet. Students who have an inner motivation to learn do not always care about grades, want to know why, learn quickly and can get bored with many similar tasks. They like complex tasks and socialize towards older students and adults to find someone who has it the same academic understanding of topics, says Hafver.

Cealtech collaborated with Jærmuseet to teach nanotechnology for one of the groups, as well as organize a company visit to their production line for the supermaterial graphene. It has been rewarding to have so many sharp minds visiting us and we hope more of the students will consider nanotechnology studies, says Jon Are Beukes, CEO at Cealtech. The students were given an introduction to the company’s history, as well as a tour of the production line, laboratory and test facilities. It was impressive to see how many properties that could be improved by using the same material, says Adeline Madsen, participant at the STEM Talent Center.