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Elinor Batteries: appoints new VP of Technology

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: November 1, 2023

Elinor Batteries has made a significant addition to its leadership team by welcoming Fengliu Lou as their Vice President of Technology. With this strategic hiring, Elinor Batteries has secured the expertise of one of Norway’s foremost battery technologists, boasting a combination of academic depth and extensive experience in the commercial development of battery technology.

Fengliu Lou brings over 15 years of experience in lithium-ion batteries, product development, and the design of production processes. His most recent role was as the leader of research and development at Beyonder, a Norwegian battery technology company. Lou’s background includes a PhD from NTNU, which uniquely positions him to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial application. “Fengliu Lou is the person I know in Norway who has the deepest competence and understanding of how to design modern lithium batteries, says Arne Fredrik Lånke, CEO at Elinor Batteries. He will be a key figure in the development of Elinor Batteries going forward,” Lånke concludes.

Elinor Batteries is currently in the process of establishing a battery factory in Orkland municipality, near Trondheim, to produce batteries for stationary energy storage. The company envisions a promising future in this rapidly growing global market, driven by electrification and renewable energy adoption. “Elinor Batteries, in my opinion, has the best prerequisites to succeed internationally, says Fengliu Lou, VP of Technology at Elinor Batteries. I look forward to contributing my expertise as the technology director in the company,” Lou concludes.