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Elleve: is a merger of Enlight, Montaag and Vika.Forus

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: June 9, 2021

  • Company: Elleve will use their vision “more power to create” to give investors, entrepreneurs and businesses profitable and more sustainable strategies, products and services.

Kverneland Gruppen, Rune Magnus Lundetræ and Valinor are behind the establishment of the consulting company Elleve. A merger between the innovation consultants in Enlight, the design studio Montaag and the communications agency Vika.Forus has resulted in the new company Elleve, with extensive expertise in change management- and innovation processes.
A merger between Enlight, Vika.Forus and Montaag gathers the competencies of designers, innovation consultants and communication specialist, and strategic advisors working together to support companies as they grow and develop. Businesses who want to develop better products and services need cutting-edge competence in innovation, design, communication, and financing. Team Elleve provide an interdisciplinary competence, with solid industry experience who are used to working with entrepreneurs, mature companies, and start-ups.
Elleve works with companies that desire to create new opportunities in a society that is constantly and rapidly changing. Together Enlight, Montaag and Vika.Forus join forces to provide the extra gear and implementation power that businesses need to ensure that their efforts create long-term value, says Gard Ådne Kverneland, CFO at Kverneland Investering.
At inception Elleve consists of 25 employees with solid industry experience and competence in product design, innovation consulting, communication, strategy and finance. The goal is to double the number of employees during 2022. Elleve has offices in Stavanger, Trondheim and Oslo, and will first and foremost strengthen its office in Oslo. The company name Elleve (in English Eleven) points to the challenge we have given ourselves. We will constantly challenge ourselves to grow and develop. Think differently. Stretch the boundaries. Instead of the usual ten, we will turn it up to eleven, says Hege Forus, Partner at Elleve.