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FishGLOBE: is now building its second floating closed-system fish farm

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: May 11, 2021

  • Company: FishGLOBE works on closed-system aquaculture technology that is developed to make the salmon industry more profitable, more sustainable, and with better fish welfare.

FishGLOBE is now constructing its second closed-system fish farm, with some improvements based on its first design delivered in 2019. FishGLOBE is a unique Norwegian pattented technology that makes the fish farming industry more systainable with better fish welfare, eliminating challenges related to local environmental emissions, escaped fish and salmon lice. 

Fishglobe are using the same major contract partners in this project; Uponor Infra has the main responsibility for design, fabrication and building of the HDPE based work. Icon Systems has the responsibility for all technical equipment and the integration on the globe, so that all systems are linked to their self-developed top system for the aquaculture industry called Salmatic. FishGLOBE is an organization that is dependent on the close cooperation with the suppliers and partners in a project like this, says Tor Hellestøl, CEO at FishGLOBE. All participants are unique contributors, whether you work with design fabrication, assembly or logistics, we sincerely appriciate what each and every one bring to the table, Hellestøl concludes.

Uponor has chosen Bluegreen Fusion in Bamble as the construction site for this project. Bluegreen Fusion is a new company consisting of former ØPD employees and management, so it is the same core team and key people who bring with them the experience from the construction of the first FishGLOBE. Prefabrication started in early February in Vaasa, Finland, and the main construction period will be May until delivery in September. We are now testing a basic mobile construction site, so that future globes can be built globally close to customers, says Tor Magne Madsen, Director of Sales at FishGLOBE.