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Halodi Robotics: in partnership with major customer to develop packaging robots

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: April 7, 2021

  • Company: 1X Technologies’ mission is to create the first mass producible humanoid robot platform that provide services to further the well-being of mankind.

Halodi Robotics recently partnered with Strongpoint for disruptive innovation in the retail industry. The company has now landed a new partnership with Altopack, an Italian packaging company specializing in automated food packaging systems.

The partnership with Altopack provides Halodi Robotics with approximately 20 million NOK, and  is now going to co-develop a next-generation robot to replenish consumables in packaging machines, such as plastic, cardboard and the like. Our customers have always considered Altopack as the market leader when it comes to adopting modern technology in our solutions, said Giuseppe Vezzani, CEO at Altopack. By entering into a partnership with Halodi Robotics, we are mobilizing to keep our competitive edge, Vezzani concluded.

The co-development of robots with LYRO Robotics, Strongpoint and Altopack is the beginning of a major initiative for the retail industry. There is tough competition and low margins in the industry, but there is also a huge market, says Stein Erik Maurice, Commercial Director at Halodi Robotics. We focus on selling the robots as a service, and in that sense we are joining the trend of “everything as a service”, Maurice concludes.