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Halodi Robotics: was visited by the Ambassador of Canada to Norway

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: June 16, 2022

  • Company: 1X Technologies’ mission is to create the first mass producible humanoid robot platform that provide services to further the well-being of mankind.

Deirdre Kent, the Ambassador of Canada to Norway, paid a visit to Moss, Norway, where the current production facility of our humanoid robot EVE is located. The Ambassador had the pleasure of controlling EVE’s movements through VR and enjoyed an office tour around our production and manufacturing area.

With the accelerating growth of Halodi Robotics, many positions are opening at our Montreal headquarters, creating new job opportunities in robotics, software, AI, and engineering, said Nicholas Nadeau, CTO at Halodi Robotics. In addition, as demand for humanoid robots grows, scaling production outside of Norway may create additional new opportunities in Canada, Nadeau explained.

It is super exciting to see everything that is going on here at Halodi and the role Canada already is playing so early on, said the Ambassador. This type of connection is based on some of the best Canada has to offer in terms of talent and an amazingly dynamic city like Montreal, combined with our preferential access to the large US market. I believe this is the start of a beautiful and mutually beneficial relationship. I would love to see EVE play hockey one day, that will make her unequivocally Canadian, the Ambassador concluded.