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Halodi Robotics: will become a key supplier to the EvoGuard brand

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: January 5, 2023

  • Company: 1X Technologies’ mission is to create the first mass producible humanoid robot platform that provide services to further the well-being of mankind.

ADT Commercial unveiled EvoGuard as an intelligent autonomous guarding solutions brand at CEO 2023 in Las Vegas. EvoGuard includes Halodi Robotics’ humanoid robots and Tando’s indoor drones and is a response to the ongoing labor shortage in the guarding market and the improvement of corporate security.

EvoGuard will use artificial intelligence and augmented reality in combination with a fleet of autonomous humanoid robots and drones for comprehensive security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial areas. These solutions can take on the typical security guarding tasks of observe-and-report, while being able to capture unbiased, critical data in an emergency and engage with the environment in a way that doesn’t risk human life, says Ed Bacco, Vice President of Emerging Technologies at ADT Commercial. It’s a game changer and what we view as a cost-effective response to the ongoing challenges many have been experiencing with staffing guard forces, Bacco concludes.

Given the trends we’ve seen in recent years and the challenges our customers are facing in keeping their guard forces adequately staffed, we recognized an incredible opportunity to usher in a new era in guarding through technology, says Dan Bresingham, President Commercial at ADT. With this technology, organizations will be able to automate routine tasks in a cost-conscious way, capture evidence of potential disturbances or detect unauthorized personnel for faster alarm verification and respond time to dangerous scenarios.