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Heaten: appoints new CEO

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: June 28, 2021

  • Company: Heaten develops and produces megawatt-scale industrial heat pumps with very high temperatures, which can recover heat that is traditionally lost in processes to various industrial customers.

Heaten is a newly established company that develops and builds industrial high-temperature heat pumps in megawatt-scale, which can recover heat. Founder Harald Nes Rislå and parts of the previous management have bought up the bankruptcy estate of the former Viking Heat Engines together with angel investor Kjell Lunde. The technology is highly relevant and absolutely necessary for the industry to be able to achieve the energy savings and the CO2 reduction that will be required in the future, says Geir Robstad, COO at Heaten.

Heaten has appointed Peter Breithaupt as the new CEO of the company. Breithaupt comes from Shell New Energies, where he was one of the experts in renewable energy, data science and IoT. Breithaupt has also been part of Shell Ventures’ due diligence team, where he has examined the technology of the companies prior to their investments.

Heaten’s technology is already developed, which makes this the most special start-up company I have seen, says Breithaupt. The company is a unique opportunity for me to use my experience and work with a very experienced team. Together, we will become a significant player in the industrial green shift, Breithaupt concludes.