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Heimdall Power: completes first customer installation with automated drone

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: January 10, 2023

The drone team of Heimdall Power successfully completed their first automated customer installation of a Neuron on a power line, which marks an important technological milestone for the company.

The installation happened on one of Elvia’s 66kV lines in the outskirts of Oslo, Norway. From the drone leaving the ground, to the Neuron being mounted on the conductor, the time spent was less than three minutes. I must say that this was very elegant, fast and effectively executed, and also totally problem-free, says Tore Tuneid, Line Man at Eliva. Safety is also an important advantage here. Overall, I was very impressed by how easy it was, it really is a long list of advantages, Tuneid concluded.

I am really proud of the Heimdall Power drone team which managed this breakthrough, says Thomas Wikberg, CEO at Heimdall Power. We have now demonstrated for an important customer, Elvia, that we are able to mount our Neurons safely and effectively on lines with voltage. In the future this can save our customers an immense amount of time, money and enhance safety, Wikberg concuded.