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Heimdall Power: establish strong foothold in Findland with Caruna

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: January 24, 2023

Heimdall Power announced today the signing of a contract with Caruna, one of the major DSOs in Finland, which is mostly based in the southern and western part of the country. 

Caruna have a clear strategy on making their grid ready for the demands of the future. This will be done through, among other things, data analytics and new operational models needed for both network design and flexibility management. As a part of fulfilling this strategy, Caruna will now instrument multiple important power lines with Neurons from Heimdall Power. The main use case is to utilize the potential of Dynamic Line Rating, in order to reduce congestions in the grid in the Espoo area west of Helsinki.

Through the usage of the Heimdall Power Neurons, Caruna is looking to get insight into the real-time available capacity, and use this to manage congestions in the grid more efficiently than they can do with today´s systems. This also means higher utilization of their existing lines and the possibility to postpone significant investments. Through our discussions Caruna has shown that they are a very forward-leaning and modern grid operator, says Vivi Mathiesen, Project Manager at Heimdall Power. We are really looking forward to work with them on this project over the next few years, Mathiesen concludes.