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Heimdall Power: Launches World’s First System-Wide Project with Elvia

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: September 18, 2023

The power grid is facing extraordinary pressure, and there is an urgent need to find innovative solutions to quickly increase transmission capacity.

Elvia is responsible for Norway’s largest network area, ensuring that nearly two million people in Innlandet, Viken, and Oslo have electricity in their outlets. As part of the solution to the grid pressure, Elvia will now implement Heimdall Power’s unique capacity monitoring solution to increase the available capacity in its network area. While Elvia’s previous operations were based on calculations, Heimdall Power’s combination of sensors and software will provide real-time insights into the actual capacity across Elvia’s regional transmission network, spanning over 3,200 km.

Through this collaboration, we are expanding the application of our technology from pilot projects and monitoring of individual lines to the entire transmission network, says Jørgen Festervoll, CEO of Heimdall Power. This has never been done before in Norway or the rest of the world, so together with Elvia, we are establishing a new global standard for efficient power grid utilization. We look forward to starting the project and anticipate improving the utilization of Elvia’s existing grid by 30% or more, explains Festervoll.

The collaboration with Heimdall Power enables us to gain an overview of the actual capacity and extract more from the existing power grid, explains Anne Nysæther, CEO at Elvia. Initiating this project on such a large scale is crucial for us, concludes Nysæther.