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ICON Systems: has secured its first contract with FishGLOBE

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: October 15, 2018

  • Company: ICON Systems is a complete supplier with special competence within automation, who follow projects from the beginning to the end.

ICON Systems has secured its first contract with FishGLOBE AS for deliveries of equipment and systems to its floating and closed-system fish farm. We are ready to take on the role as a total systems integrator within the aquaculture industry, says Jarl Endre Pedersen, CEO at ICON Systems.

The FishGLOBE V5 is an autonomous, closed and floating post-smolt fish farm, that will grow the salmon from 100g to 1 kg before it is delivered to traditional fish farms.

ICON Systems will, among other things, develop and deliver a fully integrated monitoring- and control system, SALMATIC ™, as well as instruments and electrical equipment, generators, compressor and blowers, pumps and oxygen, fire extinguishing equippment and ventilation to the fish farm, Pedersen concludes.