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Kyoto: appoints new CEO

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: April 15, 2021

On the 24th of March this year Kyoto Group was listed on Euronext Growth. Today 15th of April Christopher Kjølner takes the helm of the newly listed company. I am very much looking forward to becoming a part of the Kyoto Group team, and joining this journey that we are making together, said Kjølner CEO at Kyoto.

Kjølner has previously been involved in taking ScanWind Group, an early stage company producing offshore wind turbines, later bought by General Electric, to success, and then being part of the team taking GE Renewable to becoming the world-leading supplier. Before leaving the job as Commercial Leader in North America and Canada, they had sold, produced and installed 3 billion dollars worth of windmills. In several ways, it is a similar journey that the Kyoto group is now embarking on.

Today, the world is using increasingly more renewable energy sources, while at the same time we’re shutting down fossil sources. This creates periods of difference between supply and demand in the energy market, which is where Kyoto Group’s Heatcube becomes highly relevant. The cost of storing energy is about to decrease to the extent where it will transform the energy market, Kjølner explains. Storing energy in the form of heat or electricity, will play an increasingly important role in this transformation. The market potential is huge and will only grow, Kjølner concludes.