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Kyoto Group: holds inaugural ceremony of their groundbreaking thermal battery, Heatcube

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: September 5, 2023

  • Company: Kyoto utvikler en innovativ conteinerbasert løsning for termisk energilagring, for å generere damp etter behov i industrielle prosesser.

Today marked a historic moment for Kyoto Group at Norbis Park, Denmark, where Aalborg Forsyning, esteemed partners, and distinguished guests came together to witness the inaugural ceremony of their revolutionary Heatcube.

The Heatcube represents a monumental leap in energy storage technology, harnessing the innovative power of molten salt to seamlessly integrate with the district heating network. The installation at Norbis Park stands as the world’s first deployment of this transformative molten salt battery technology. Aalborg Forsyning has taken over the operation of Heatcube, which is already actively supplying heat to the district heating network. The facility is poised to deliver an impressive 5,000 MWh of heat annually, equivalent to the heat consumption of approximately 275 single-family houses.

The inauguration of the Norbis Park Heatcube was a celebration of collaborative efforts between Kyoto Group and Aalborg Forsyning, marked by inspiring speeches and the presence of notable visitors. Among the esteemed attendees were Lasse Frimand Jensen, the Mayor of Aalborg Municipality; Eivind Reiten, Chairman of Kyoto Group; Camilla Nilsson, CEO of Kyoto Group; key management figures from Aalborg Forsyning; Kristine Kopperud Timberlid, Director of Denmark at Innovation Norway; and Katja Christina Nordgaard, The Norwegian ambassador to Denmark, who ceremoniously cut the ribbon with great enthusiasm.