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Kyoto Group: receives 6,4MEUR order for Heatcube to deliver industrial process heat and grid balancing

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: November 24, 2023

  • Company: Kyoto utvikler en innovativ conteinerbasert løsning for termisk energilagring, for å generere damp etter behov i industrielle prosesser.

Kyoto Group, alongside its financial partner Kyotherm and energy trading partner in Hungary, Energiabörze, has entered into a series of agreements to provide heat (HaaS) to the Hungarian food manufacturer KALL Ingredients Kft. Simultaneously, the thermal battery, Heatcube, will engage in commercial power consumption adjustments, generating economic profit and contributing to grid balancing.

The partners have established a Hungarian company (SPV) that acquired the thermal battery, Heatcube,  from Kyoto Group and signed a 15-year HaaS agreement with KALL Ingredients Kft. Heatcube is set to supply heat in the form of high-quality steam to one of their newest and most sustainable corn processing facilities in Europe. The facility can process up to 530,000 tons of non-GMO corn annually to produce alcohol for pharmaceutical and food industries, syrups for the food industry, and ingredients for animal feed.

The thermal battery, Heatcube, will reduce the current natural gas supply and is designed with a storage capacity of 56 MWh, with an annual capacity exceeding 30 GWh. This is expected to result in an annual CO2 reduction of up to 8,000 tons. “Our future goal is to base our operational processes on sustainable energy while aiming for reduced energy costs,” says Ádám Sass, Strategic Director at KALL Ingredients Kft. “Kyoto’s Heatcube will provide us with a stable, high-quality, and cost-effective supply of green steam, and we are excited to commence this project,” Sass concludes.