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Kyoto: has recieved building permits for Heatcube at Nordjyllandsværket

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: February 24, 2022

  • Company: Kyoto utvikler en innovativ conteinerbasert løsning for termisk energilagring, for å generere damp etter behov i industrielle prosesser.

Kyoto announces that it has received the necessary building permits from Aalborg Municipality for constructing the Kyoto Heatcube at Aalborg Forsyning and their green energy test centre at Nordjyllandsværket in Denmark. 

The Heatcube will be installed at Nordjyllandsværket power plant outside of Aalborg as a commercial demonstration unit. The thermal battery is under construction in Spain and currently tracing and insulation works are in progress before the tanks will be shipped to Denmark. This specific unit will be configured with 18 MWh of storage capacity and with a discharge load of 4 MW, as compared to the standard design of 20 MWh of storage and 5MW discharge load. The full system will be delivered in 20-feet containers on-site, ready for integration. The modular design of Heatcube means that as many units as necessary can be installed on site.

When installed, the Heatcube will become part of Nordjyllandsværket and Aalborg Varme’s program to test and introduce new clean energy solutions and phase out coal. The Kyoto Group Heatcube thermal battery will provide heat to the local district heating system under a leasing contract, and the energy input is electricity sourced from onsite windmills or as a flexible asset/reserve for the grid.