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Kyoto: is now building its thermal battery Heatcube

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: July 7, 2021

  • Company: Kyoto utvikler en innovativ conteinerbasert løsning for termisk energilagring, for å generere damp etter behov i industrielle prosesser.

Kyoto has placed an order for the first Heatcube thermal battery which will be installed as a commercial demonstration unit. The manufacturing of the Heatcube components has started, supported by leading designers and manufacturers, leveraging the successful pilot in 2020 which provided proof of concept for a molten salt thermal battery.

Once installed, the unit will operate under commercial contract for sale of heat energy from the Heatcube under a battery-as-a-service (BaaS) Heat-sales agreement and serve as an initial proof of commercialization. We have established strong partnerships to bring the Heatcube to the market as an efficient, modular and highly scalable solution for decarbonizing industrial heating, said Christopher Kjølner, CEO at Kyoto. Thermal batteries hold the potential to significantly reducing coal and natural gas in industrial processes. We are eager to complete our first installation to fully demonstrate our capability to deliver clean renewable heat energy to industrial users, Kjølner concludes.

Heatcube ensures a stable supply of decarbonized thermal energy for industrial applications, with molten salts as storage medium. The Heatcube is made up of integrated subsystems, such as tanks containing molten salt, a circulation system with pumps and valves moving the salt from one tank to the other, a steam generation system, amongst several others. The full system is delivered in 20-feet containers on-site, ready to be integrated into an industrial plant. Once manufactured, one Heatcube unit will be configured with storage capacities of 20 MWh and with a discharge load of 5 MW. In addition, as many units as needed can be installed together at the same site.