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Kyoto: rigs for growth and doubles the number of employees

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: October 7, 2021

  • Company: Kyoto utvikler en innovativ conteinerbasert løsning for termisk energilagring, for å generere damp etter behov i industrielle prosesser.

Kyoto experiences rapid growth and increased interest in the company and their products from both customers and job applicants. Today, Kyoto has 12 active job advertisements , and have so far received more than 250 applications from highly qualified applicants, both from Norway and abroad.

The response has been overwhelming, and we look very much forward to onboard our new colleagues, says Christopher Kjølner, CEO at Kyoto. We are now rigging the company for further increased activity by moving to new offices, hiring more people and rapidly developing our solutions together with suppliers and some of the world’s most renowned experts on molten salt systems and thermal energy storage, Kjølner explains.

In the beginning of September, Kyoto moved into a new office in Philip Pedersens vei 11 at Lysaker. As the company aims to increase to 25 full-time employees by the end of the first quarter of 2022, it was necessary to move to new offices with plenty of space for new colleagues. With the first thermal battery already in construction, Kyoto is rapidly developing its service offering to meet the growing industrial demand for heat produced by electricity amid increasing pressure to phase out fossil fuels, Kjølner concludes.