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Nanize: expands R&D-team after exciting test results

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: March 20, 2021

In January, Nanize announced three Material Scientists positions in their new nanotec lab in Narvik to work on a wear-resistant anti-soiling and anti-friction coating.

Two months later Nanize got 106 PhDs and 59 Masters applying for these jobs. There were applicants from literally all across the world, and we, unfortunately, had to say no to many very skilled and experienced persons, said David Hogg CEO at Nanize. 

The new employees will continue the ongoing collaboration with Sintef in Trondheim, which has been important for the verification of the product. Results show a coefficient of friction (CoF) of 0.01-0.02, which is dramatically lower than, for example, Teflon (see illustration). In addition, the results show that the Nanize coating can withstand pressure of as much as 500 pascals (Pa), where Teflon is known to withstand around 40 Pa. It is a completely unique product that Nanize has developed, says Sergio Armada, senior researcher at Sintef. We have done a number of tests and it has an extremely low friction. Better than Teflon, Armada concludes.