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Norcable: showcasing progress of powerline-production to CEO of Haugaland Kraft

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: June 28, 2023

  • Company: Norcable produces cables and power lines with sustainable raw materials and clean hydropower on the west coast of Norway. The company’s stance on recycling and sustainability results in Norcable delivering cables with an extremely low carbon–footprint.

Norcable received a visit today from Pablo Barrera, CEO of Haugaland Kraft, for a tour of the production facility for a new 36 kilometers long 132 kV powerline from Ølen transformer station in Vindafjord to Bratthammar in Tysvær.

The powerline by Norcable is being produced for Fagne, one of the subsidiaries of Haugaland Kraft, which ensures that 150,000 residents in Haugalandet, Sunnhordaland, Ryfylke, and Hardanger have electricity in their outlets.

For the Haugaland Kraft company group, sustainability is actively used as an award criterion in tender competitions and as a contractual requirement, such as in tenders for building high-voltage power lines. As a company group, we expects our companies to optimize within our overarching framework of emphasizing sustainable products and local suppliers, says Barrera. It is therefore pleasing to see that the bidding process for Fagne led to the selection of Norcable as the supplier of powerlines, Barrera concludes.

Norcable has the lowest environmental footprint, with a total emission of 4kg CO2e per kg aluminium, which starkly contrasts with coal-based production that amounts to 22kg CO2e per kg aluminium, explains Bengt Haugaland, CEO at Norcable. As a result, Fagne’s environmental report for the powerline alone will save a total of 5,400 tons of CO2e.

To put the environmental impact into context, this single order from Norcable is equivalent to the lifecycle emissions of over 100 SUVs. This will be a significant contribution to Haugaland Kraft’s environmental account when Fagne reports it at the group level, Haugaland concludes.