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Norcable: sustainability report 2020

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: April 7, 2021

  • Company: Norcable produces cables and power lines with sustainable raw materials and clean hydropower on the west coast of Norway. The company’s stance on recycling and sustainability results in Norcable delivering cables with an extremely low carbon–footprint.

Norcable is continuously working on improvements to ensure a sustainable production of infrastructure and innovation in the aluminum industry. Our ambition is to live up to the slogan “Probably the greenest aluminum cables in the world”, says Bengt Haugland, CEO at Norcable.

We choose to aquire the raw materials with the lowest possible carbon footprint, which comes with an extra cost to the bottom line, and with the introduction of digitized production, we have achieved full traceability for all raw materials and their origin, says Haugland. Norcable’s production at Karmøy in Rogaland is also based on 100% renewable hydropower, which provides a world-leading low carbon footprint below 4kg CO2e / 1kg aluminum. To put this in perspective, around 80% of aluminum production is based on coal power, which stands in stark contrast with the carbon footprint of around 22kg CO2E / 1kg aluminum.

Norcable’s goal for 2021 is to introduce accurate accounting figures per type of transport and route so that the company can make choices about transport with greenhouse gas emissions as an additional decision parameter. Norcable also aims to make the carbon footprint available for purchased goods in our customer portal, Haugland concludes. Read the sustainability report in its entirety here.