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Norsk e-Fuel: secured investment for the first production facility for sustainable aviation fuel

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: March 29, 2022

  • Company: Norsk e-Fuel is a European Consortium, headquartered in Oslo, promoting novel Power-to-Liquid (PtL) technologies in Norway and Europe.

Lux-Airport, Luxembourg’s equivalent to Avinor, is leading the airline industry with a groundbreaking investment that contributes to the start-up of Norway’s first production facility for sustainable aviation fuel. With this, an actor of the aviation sector officially shows confidence in Norsk e-Fuels technology that converts renewable electricity, water and CO2 captured from air into jet fuel.

As a shareholder in Norsk e-Fuel, lux-Airport contributes to the start-up of the first production facility, with a planned start of production in 2024. The facility will be located in Mosjøen in Norway and will be able to provide between 50 and 70 jobs. It is planned to produce 25 million liters of fuel at the beginning. We are proud that lux-Airport with this investment shows confidence in our technology and production plans, says Karl Hauptmeier CEO at Norsk e-Fuel.

With this investment, lux-Airport joins the four consortium partners that make up Norwegian e-Fuel: Sunfire, Climeworks, Valinor and Paul Wurth. Together, we will create a sustainable fuel that will realize a climate-neutral transport sector, Hauptmeier concludes.

Lux-Airport’s investment in e-Fuel production underlines the strong commitment to supporting the goals of a climate-neutral aviation sector. After obtaining the “carbon neutral” certification (level 3+) from ACI – Airport Carbon Accreditation, lux-Airport is expanding its environmental commitment with this investment. e-Fuel is an important component of SAF and will help meet the “Fit for 55” guidelines from the European Commission, aiming to reduce greenhouse gases by 55% by 2030. Contributing to the EU’s “Fit for 55” goals is one of the key elements in lux-Airport’s sustainability initiatives, and the company will target its investments in projects that support this initiative.