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Norsk Havvind: TotalEnergies and Iberdrola announce their consortium name Skjoldblad

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: August 19, 2022

The announcement comes as a follow-up to the three companies’ communication in autumn 2021 that they established a consortium with the ambition to use their global expertise and experience, as well as their long experience in Norway, to develop a strong and sustainable Norwegian offshore wind industry.

Skjoldblad’s owners can collectively point to an international portfolio of more than 80 GW of offshore wind projects that are either in development, under construction or in operation. This positions the consortium as a global leader in offshore wind. In addition to an extensive pipeline and broad international experience, Skjoldblad’s owners have also been central players in the development of the Norwegian energy industry, both onshore and offshore, for over half a century.

Skjoldblad’s ambition is to become a key contributor that enables Norway to develop a strong and competitive world-class offshore wind industry. Through Skjoldblad, TotalEnergies, Iberdrola and Norsk Havvind will add significant industrial, social, and economic value.

Skjoldblad believes in a long-term industrial approach to the promising offshore wind industry, with a local foundation, where developers, supply chain, authorities and other key stakeholders work together to develop the industry in Norway. The consortium will have a significant focus on strengthening local industrial expertise and developing Norwegian supply chains and creating new, local jobs, says Peder Sortland, CEO at Norsk Havvind. Skjoldblad will make use of technical, commercial and project management experience from the owners’ significant portfolio of offshore wind projects, their financial strength, and their Norwegian and international talent.

The company name is inspired by the shield plant, which grows in the harsh western Norwegian coastal environment. The plant is considered to be near threatened. It is a plant that can withstand sea spray, and, on a stem, the leaves grow together in a community. The plant represents what we at Skjoldblad stand for: strength, growth and interaction, which are central factors in the work of building a strong offshore wind industry in Norway. The logo is inspired by the shape of the historical and traditional windmills and the shield plant. The word skjoldblad consists of “shield” and “blade”. Together with the logo, it is an expression of the consortium’s commitment to exploiting wind energy through pioneering industrial technology.