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Norsk Industriutvikling: plans Norway’s largest business park for green industry

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: February 24, 2022

Norsk Industriutvikling announces its plans for the green industrial park of over 5,000 acres in Orkland municipality. As one of the largest business areas in the country and with abundant access to renewable energy, there is potential for several thousand green industrial jobs.

The company invites all sorts of different types of green industry to establish themselves in the area. Both small and large businesses. It will be particularly attractive for energy-intensive and skills-intensive industries due to good access to power and a large, competent labor market in the region with close connections to both educational institutions and research environments near Trondheim.

The new business area will also be relevant for companies that Valinor collaborates with or already has in its investment portfolio. Over time, we have had a dialogue with both established industrial companies and new players who want a location where power supply, infrastructure and skilled labor are available, says Pål Selboe Valseth, CEO at Valinor.

Unlinke other areas in the country where industrial projects are on hold indefinitely due to power supply, it will soon be possible to “plug and play”. The planning area itself is uniquely located in the middle between two large central grid lines and transformation points. It is therefore no need to expand new transmission capacity through the central grid, but smaller investments in the regional grid.

In addition, this location is close to hydropower and already developed wind power projects. With a distance of only 40 minutes to one of Norway’s largest cities, the technology capital Trondheim, the business area will not only excel in power supply, but also access to labor. Trondheim is a city in strong growth, in percentage terms more than all other Norwegian cities according to Statistics Norway.

The Trondheim region currently has 300,000 inhabitants and is at the forefront of the country when it comes to technology jobs. NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology is the country’s largest technical university and is headquartered in Trondheim. NTNU is responsible for higher technology education in Norway. Important research and business in technology, climate and sustainability, energy, oceans and health spring from the NTNU-community.

Orkland municipality has a long and proud industrial history, says Oddbjørn Bang, mayor of Orkland municipality. The municipality and the business community are ambitious in terms of the green shift. The proposed establishment of a large industrial park adapted for green industrial production is an important contribution to the transformation of Trøndelag into a sustainable region. The establishment will contribute to optimism and new jobs and will ensure that value creation from the region’s power production takes place in Trøndelag and it will create ripple effects throughout Central Norway, says Bang.


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