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Norsk Solar: Appoints new CFO

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: August 1, 2023

  • Company: Norsk Renewables develops and invests in renewable energy in emerging markets.

Norsk Solar is pleased to announce the appointment of Christine Mork as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective from August 1, 2023. With an outstanding career in financial management and a strong commitment to sustainable development, Christine brings invaluable expertise and leadership to the Norsk Solar team. “We have had the pleasure of working closely with Christine over the past few months while she has served as a consultant,” says Torbjørn Elliot Kirkeby-Garstad, CEO of Norsk Solar.

In her role as CFO, Christine will play a crucial part in shaping Norsk Solar’s financial strategy and strengthening the company’s position in the rapidly growing renewable energy market. “We are thrilled to welcome Christine as our new CFO,” says Kirkeby-Garstad. “Her deep understanding of financial markets, combined with her strong commitment to sustainability, aligns perfectly with our company’s values and vision. With Christine on board, we have confidence in our ability to navigate the dynamic energy landscape and elevate Norsk Solar to new heights,” concludes Kirkeby-Garstad.

“I am excited to join Norsk Solar, a company that embodies a commitment to a greener future and holds significant growth potential,” says Christine Mork, the new CFO at Norsk Solar. “I look forward to collaborating with the talented team at Norsk Solar,” Mork concludes.