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Norsk Solar: expands to South Africa

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: September 28, 2021

  • Company: Norsk Renewables develops and invests in renewable energy in emerging markets.

Norsk Solar is expanding its global presence by establishing a new subsidiary in South Africa. Adding operations in South Africa is part of Norsk Solar’s ambitious growth strategy of targeting fastgrowing C&I markets where access to clean, low-cost energy can make a significant economic and environmental impact. 

Norsk Solar offers businesses and industries a grid alternative that gives them more control and reliability, reduces costs and cuts their carbon emissions, said Øyvind Vesterdal, CEO at Norsk Solar. Our know-how and financing platform enable us to deploy rapidly on projects, putting Norsk Solar in a strong position to become a significant player in South Africa, Vesterdal concludes.

Norsk Solar South Africa will be led by Country Manager Ramon Tavenor, who has extensive knowledge of solar renewable energy system development and extensive background in electro-mechanical
engineering and construction, including five years as COO of a leading African Engineering, Procurement and Construction firm within the solar sector.

Over the next several months, Norsk Solar plans to add several full-time employees in South Africa to follow up the company’s activities. I am looking forward to growing Norsk Solar’s presence in South Africa and helping companies and industry players transition from grid dependency to cost-saving, renewable energy solutions, said Ramon Tavenor, Country Manager of South Africa at Norsk Solar.