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Norsk Vind: has finalized Måkaknuten wind farm

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: November 28, 2020

  • Company: Norsk Vind is Norway's largest private wind power company, that contributes to the electrification of industry, household, and transport.

Måkaknuten wind farm is located near Stavanger (in Bjerkreim and Gjesdal municipalities) and consists of 22 Siemens Gamesa 4.3MW wind turbines. This gives an annual production of about 350Gwh, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of about 17,000 Norwegian households. To put this in perspective, the wind farm will be able to supply all 15,000+ inhabitants of Bjerkreim and Gjesdal municipalities with clean renewable electricity.

Long-term service agreements of 25 years have been entered into with the turbine supplier Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy to provide maintenance of Måkaknuten and adjacent wind farms in the Bjerkreim Southern Cluster. The company has established a service organization with office and warehouse-facilities in Vikeså, which is the administration center in Bjerkreim municipality. This project illustrates how wind farms can have a positive local inpact in regards to securing access to electricity, create jobs and increased tax revenues for the host municipalities, says Jan Volmut, project manager for Måkaknuten wind power plant in Norsk Vind.

For Bjerkreim and Gjesdal municipalities, it is estimated that property-tax from Måkaknuten wind farm will provide an increased annual tax revenue of approximatly NOK 6 Million. In addition, as part of the project, we have installed fiber access for all households, built exits for landowners and upgraded several roads in the area, Volmut concludes.


Ewz has previously acquired the wind farm to achieve its goal of 100% renewable energy production in its portfolio.