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Norsk Vind: appoints new CEO

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: May 24, 2017

  • Company: Norsk Vind is Norway's largest private wind power company, that contributes to the electrification of industry, household, and transport.

Norsk Vind AS was established in 1996. Lars Helge Helvig has since then been the CEO. Patience related to the development of wind power licenses for just over 20 years has now been rewarded by the fact that the company will have approximately 600 MW of wind power under development in Rogaland.

In this change of pace, the company has chosen to make some organizational adjustments. Per Ove Skorpen now assumes the role of new CEO. Lars Helge Helvig assumes the role of chairman of the board from Rune Hersvik. Hersvik was chairman for the past 15 years and continues as board member.

The company will continue our expertise in developing new projects, while also acknowledging that the technology in production, distribution and energy storage opens up new and exciting opportunities. Norsk Vind has a fundamental belief in the role of wind power as a renewable energy resource and believes in a future where power generation and industry can go even more hand in hand to develop optimal socio-economic solutions, said Per Ove Skorpen, CEO of Norsk Vind.