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Norsk Vind: open day at Egersund windfarm

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: June 23, 2017

  • Company: Norsk Vind is Norway's largest private wind power company, that contributes to the electrification of industry, household, and transport.

On January 22, 125 attendance at Norsk Vind’s event was grouped into three separate guided tours. With dry weather and engaged participants, everything was in place for a great tour. Rune Hersvik, Manager Sustainability and Communication gave a presentation on wind power and the impact the project will have on Egersund.

The attendees was then given a tour around the construction site in buses, while Torfinn Tuen, Operations Manager Egersund in Norsk Vind, explained the progress of the project. There was also time for a stop, where the attendees were allowed to inspect the turbine foundations at close quarters. Tuen said that Norsk Vind looks forward to continue the good momentum and present a wind farm that provides excellent hiking opportunities while safeguarding the biodiversity of the area. 

On June 18, over 100 people attended the open day. There were refreshments with coffee, soft drinks and pastries. The attendees was then given a tour around the site by bus. There was also time to take a closer look  at the turbines while Tuen briefed on the project. Even with some fog in the morning we still think it was interesting for the attendees to see the progress of the project, said Tuen.