Norsk Vind: the industry needs wind power

    • Sector: Energy
    • Date: September 9, 2019

    • Company: Norsk Vind is Norway's largest private wind power company, that contributes to the electrification of industry, household, and transport.

    Stein Lier Hansen, Managing Director of the Federation of Norwegian Industries states that “the industry needs more power, and it has to be renewable and low priced. The combination of improved hydro power plants and more land based wind power will be important”. Furthermore Hansen describes why the industry needs more power in his atricle titled “The myth of the power surplus”, published on the website Energi og klima (Norwegian only).


    At FriFagbevegelse, a web newspaper about working life and the union movement, Jan Olav Andersen, Head of the Electrician and IT Workers Union, Frode Alfheim, Head of the Industry and Energy Union and Jørn Eggum, Head of The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions, have written a collective letter for wind power:


    We take a positive stand about onshore wind power, as the opposite neither benefits the industry nor the climate. The development of wind power helps to secure existing jobs, while also laying the groundwork for new ones. The Norwegian supplier industry should have ambitions for increased market share in the wind power business, both onshore and offshore”. Read the full article titled “The industry needs wind power” on the website of FriFagbevegelse Here (norwegian only).