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Sensonomic: collaborates with Europe’s leading olive oil producer

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: April 22, 2020

  • Company: Sensonomic develops software to make global agriculture more profitable in a sustainable manner. By utilising advanced simulation methods, the software can find optimal strategies for adaptation to a changing world.

Sensonomic is collaborating with Innoliva, the leading European olive oil producer, to increase the production value of their high quality organic olive oil.  

Innoliva is a data and evidence driven business, and Sensonomic is offering a new way of delivering actionable insight. We are committed to continuously improving our operations, and the collaboration with Sensonomic enables us to test a novel approach to decision making in agriculture, says Jorge Pena, President & CEO at Innoliva.

Working with best-in-class and innovative producers is the best way of showing what our technology can offer. Innoliva is already achieving much higher yields than other producers, and by adopting our technology we anticipate a further increase in sustainable profitability, says Sensonomic CEO Anders Gundersen. Agriculture has long been under pressure to become more data driven. Those who begin to adopt the use of data for decision-making are showing the way to significantly higher profits, and in a more sustainable manner than their competitors, Gundersen concludes.