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Solgrid: offers a collaboration model to speed up implementation of Norwegian solar projects

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: September 27, 2022

  • Company: Solgrid is an energy company that develops, finances, builds and operates solar power plants in Nordic markets.

Solgrid is now introducing a collaboration model to help speed up the implementation of solar power. We receive many inquiries and have met great interest, both from landowners, municipalities and businesses, says Kristin Melsnes, CEO at Solgrid.

The collaboration model invites ownership participation in the solar power plants via a project company. Solgrid will develop and complete the projects, as well as secure operation and maintenance agreements for 40 years. Solgrid will have a smaller ownership stake in the project companies they develop.

We know that there are many areas with plans for solar power plants, but they are unable to get started with the projects, says Melsnes. In collaboration with Solgrid, we offer an established and professional organization with expertise in project development and the licensing process, which will ensure fast and safe development, explains Melsnes.

Typical areas for solar power plants are so-called gray land, which are areas with previous human interference, with barren soil and poor growing conditions. Solgrid primarily targets areas around 40 to 50 acres and upwards, but is also interested in hearing from landowners who together have a suitable size in close proximity to each other.