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SubC3D: finalized camera-prototype for the aquaculture industry

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: January 28, 2020

SubC3D has finalized their underwater multi-camera system to measure moving objects. This solution will be well suited for the many challenges in the fish farming industry. The unique data collection of biomass will provide a knowledge base for manuel- or fully automated decisionmaking.

The prototype is based on a singlecamera-system used in underwater measurement and could make high resolution 3D models. The founders of SubC3D Bjørn Grøtting and Frank Prytz has performed over 500 measurement assignments with the old system before founding the company in 2016 and starting the development.

The multicamera-system cover a wide area and comprise several million 3D points with very high accuracy. This allows us to detect, for example, lice that are on the fish body. This methodology is patentable.

Today SubC3D conducted their first underwater calibration and thus finalizing their prototype for an aquaculture/fish farming camera with exciting results: The measurements are area-wide and comprise several million 3D points, which allows us to detect the lice on the fish. This method is patent pending, Frank Prytz explains, CEO of SubC3D.