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SustainSolar: first of its kind off-grid system installed in South Sudan

  • Sector: Energy
  • Date: March 23, 2020

  • Company: SustainSolar provides containerized, high-quality, durable solutions for renewable power generation and battery storage for rural and remote locations across Africa.

SustainSolar delivered their off-grid system in a 20-foot container equipped with SMA solar and battery inverters and BYD batteries. This is the first solar-battery-hybrid power system in South Sudan.

In record time, Aptech Africa planned, installed and commissioned the 79kWp ground mounted solar power system which feeds the 125kWh lithium-ion SustainSolar storage system. Eye Radio, a leading radio station in South Sudan’s capital Juba, is no longer dependent on its old diesel generators as its primary power supply, which are now only being used as backup.

With the significantly reduced running time of the diesel generator, the fuel savings alone will lead to a speedy payback of the hybrid-storage system. This also serves as proof of concept that solar and battery systems not only offer a sustainable renewable energy solution, but also make financial sense for most diesel powered off-grid operations that are so frequently found across Africa, and elsewhere.