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ViewPoint Spidercage: concept in detailed engineering

  • Sector: Sea
  • Date: August 26, 2020

Moss Maritime has been commissioned to identify the best technical solutions for the Spidercage concept.

In addition, the company will determine whether alternative materials such as composites can be used in favor of steel in the construction. Composite is a light material and may also have structural advantages, but there are not many large composite structures, so that is perhaps the greatest uncertainty, explained Jan Korsnes, Vice President Floating Production at Moss Maritime.

The fish farm is designed for rough offshore locations and withstand waves of 16 meter. The facility is to be constructed with an outer breakwater with a diameter of 106 meters and a height of 35 meters. The outer breakwater has a draft of nine meters, which means that the waves moving the cage can act as a potential energy source. We can potentially harvest energy from the relative movements between the internal pen and the protective structure around it. Renewable energy production is not a part of the criteria for development permits, but we want to see if it’s commercially viable, Korsnes added.