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Zaptec: Appoints New HR Chief

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: July 5, 2023

  • Company: Zaptec is world-leading on smart charging systems for electric cars in housing co-operatives, businesses and at home.

Trude Schulberg, formerly with the oil and gas company Emerson, has now become the HR Chief at Zaptec. She embarks on her role with the goal of creating a unified corporate culture and strengthening the company’s identity. She has already begun to map out Zaptec’s strategic priorities and will implement a leadership development program to nurture internal talent.

“I find it especially exciting to maintain this culture and effectively cultivate a consistent strong culture throughout the entire organization,” says Trude Schulberg, new HR Chief at Zaptec. She emphasizes the importance of targeted communication and employee engagement to foster a positive work environment.

With her dedication to shaping an inclusive culture and strengthening Zaptec’s organization, Schulberg is ready to lead the company toward future success. She further reflects. “In this exciting journey, I look forward to being a catalyst for positive development,” Schulberg concludes.