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Zaptec: take action to secure chargers with plug&charge technology

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: September 14, 2022

  • Company: Zaptec is world-leading on smart charging systems for electric cars in housing co-operatives, businesses and at home.

Zaptec invests £430,000 in London-based EV charging software company Switch, which programs the seamless charging experience of the future. Imagine charging without apps and without adding payment details – This is Plug&Charge technology, said Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, CEO at Zaptec. 

With many EV manufacturers now adopting Plug&Charge technology, over-the-air updates are being pushed out to existing EV owners. The software technology is an international standard that involves a communication bridge between the car and the EV-charger. In the future, this may also mean intermediate storage of electricity, so that the car can provide electricity to, for example, houses – also called vehicle-to-grid (V2G). The Zaptec Pro’s design has been hardware-ready for the past two years, with all installations from 2020 until now compatible with the update.

This is a step towards a seamless charging experience for future electric car owners, says Bardenfleth-Hansen. The Zaptec Pro system charger has for several years been at the forefront when it comes to quality and safety within charging infrastructure, and this latest new software prototype shows that Zaptec Pro is still the most future-proof product on the market, concludes Bardenfleth-Hansen.

The new communication bridge makes Zaptec system chargers one of the first AC chargers in the world to prove full Plug&Charge functionality with charging according to the ISO 15118 standard.