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ZAPTEC: launches an upgraded version of their market-leading charging station

  • Sector: Infrastructure
  • Date: May 13, 2020

  • Company: Zaptec is world-leading on smart charging systems for electric cars in housing co-operatives, businesses and at home.

After four years in the market, ZAPTEC Pro is now packed with exciting new functions following a period of development. ZAPTEC Pro comes with a new apparence and better performance for your car:

4G LTE-M from Telenor ensure 100% reliability, as ZAPTEC now supplies and is responsible for the communications solution.

Lower cost of installation
Communications solutions can often be time-consuming when it comes to installations. By internalizing a mobile communication, installation time and material costs will be reduced.

Improved support
ZAPTEC Support is able to help you when the charging stations has a reliable internet connection. Several cases can be resolved without the need for an electrician.

Plug & Charge (ISO15118) compatibility means that every ZAPTEC Pro will be able to “talk to” the car and receive charge status, charging capacity and departure time at all times. This means that the charging system will receive information on how much power is needed to charge the battery fully. This can optimise phase and load balancing even more by including how much energy is needed at any time.

ZAPTEC Pro is now available from all ZAPTEC resellers: find your nearest one by clicking here.