Norcable produces cables and power lines with sustainable raw materials and clean hydropower on the west coast of Norway. The company’s stance on recycling and sustainability results in Norcable delivering cables with an extremely low carbonfootprint. 

Norcable’s location on Karmøy, bordering the North Sea, gives the company a unique position in the electrification of the Norwegian continental shelf, aquaculture, and offshore wind. Norcable uses aluminum from its nearest neighbor, Hydro Aluminum, to produce the main component in their cables for landaquaculture, and overhead power lines. Locally produced, hydropower-based aluminum provides the lowest carbonfootprint possible in cable production. This will give Norcable a major advantage in a growing market, which will compete with cables from coal-based production. When the Energy industry includes the purchase of cables in their environmental accounts, Norcable will be able to contribute to the goal of reducing greenhouse gases. 

Sustainable production of cables and power lines is an important building block in the enormous electrification work Norway is facing. Local production also reduces uncertainty with supply lines from distant parts of the world. Norcable also develops innovative solutions for the distribution of electricity in growing markets. 

– Valinor